Those who work with Conna as a neutral arbitrator, mediator or a dispute resolution consultant benefit from her unusual and diverse background as a hands-on litigator and practical business, regulatory, transactional, intellectual property, compliance and project management problem solver in the U.S and abroad. In addition to law firm litigation work for both plaintiffs and defendants, she has over 20 years of domestic and international experience inside multinational corporations with virtually every area of law that crosses a generalist’s desk (including as a General Counsel), often working in or leading cross-functional teams and always seeking reasonable ways forward in connection with any disputes. She also has special expertise in the issues facing innovation companies in healthcare and the life sciences.

Her background and style are the bedrock for her provision of informed, practical, cost-effective, efficient, customized and transparent dispute resolution services throughout the U.S and internationally.

Conna mediates and arbitrates a wide variety of complex commercial and employment disputes (please see About) and writes and speaks on dispute resolution topics. (Please see News, Publications & Resources, and Presentations) She was honored with an ADR Higginbotham Fellowship by the American Arbitration Association in 2013 (See the Higginbotham Program Arbitrator Spotlight available here) and was appointed a Fellow of the international Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in 2015. In 2016, Conna was appointed to the Silicon Valley Arbitration and Mediation Center list of the World’s Leading Technology Neutrals. She is an arbitrator and/or mediator on the panels of the American Arbitration Association (large complex case, general commercial and healthcare), the international panel of the AAA, the International Centre for Dispute Resolution, the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (“CPR”) (commercial, life sciences and health care panels), the World Intellectual Property Organization, the American Health Lawyers Association, the Boston Law Collaborative (founded by David Hoffman) and other providers. She holds a number of leadership positions in dispute resolution organizations.

The Inside Edge

As a result of her hands-on experience, Conna has:

  • In-the-trenches, practical experience with challenging legal issues and contractual relationships in different geographies;
  • Experience with complex general commercial matters and an extensive background in the highly regulated and technical life sciences/healthcare arena;
  • An in-depth understanding of why and how internal and external deals and collaborations get done or fall apart;
  • The ability to listen fairly and well and help cut through to the heart of a problem;
  • A profound knowledge of the true cost to companies and individuals of unnecessary conflict escalation;
  • An appreciation of the long term effect of litigation on business relationships;
  • A vigorous project-management approach to arbitration, mediation and litigation;
  • A deep understanding of diverse cultural perspectives as a result of her international experience.

Conna can support companies and individuals across the U.S. and abroad through her provision of dispute resolution services.